Picking Cotton By Hand In The South

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I haven’t thought of picking cotton within the deep south for a few years. In the future lately I used to be in my neighborhood grocery retailer and appeared over at their display of minimize flowers. They all the time have a superb selection of various flowers arranged in bouquets. I wasn’t looking for anything particularly.

I just wish to look at the pretty flowers, particularly the roses. I couldn’t consider my eyes! There were sprigs of cotton for sale. I seemed nearer, considering they must be fake; possibly a plastic of some sort. I gently touched one of many cotton bolls full of white material. It was comfortable and fluffy. It was really real cotton! I purchased a sprig, and carefully brought it house.

I placed it in a vase the place it would be protected. It was a discovered treasure to me. I have not seen cotton in a few years besides growing in fields when I would pass by means of southern states on my strategy to somewhere up north. When i appeared at the sprig of cotton, it was as if years melted away. I used to be as soon as again slightly girl picking cotton.

It could be referred to as youngster labor now, however back then all the kids worked in the fields through the summer season time when school was out. We didn’t have summer time vacations like the college children have now. We worked, and we worked very laborious. I don’t assume we regarded on this as being labor. It was anticipated of us to do our share of the work, not just for our own household, but to earn cash for the household. I can’t remember the precise age I was when i first began selecting cotton, however I should have been six years previous. My mother and father were not cotton farmers. We didn’t have enough land. It requires many acres of land to grow cotton.

We grew corn and other vegetables that Mother canned for us to eat. We raised cows, hogs, chickens, and goats. The cows and the goats have been used for his or her milk. The chickens provided all the eggs we needed, plus sufficient further to sell at market. The young chickens supplied our Sunday dinner.

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The hogs had been butchered so we’d have loads of ham, bacon and sausage to eat. There were plenty of cotton farmers in our area. When the cotton was ready to be harvested, the farmers employed further fingers to choose the cotton. Laborers have now been replaced by machines which are pushed into the fields, and the machines harvest the cotton. These machines were launched in the ’50’s to harvest the cotton crops.

The cotton flower may be very pretty. It’s has a pinkish coloration. After it finishes blooming the cotton seems. When i picked cotton I remember going into the field to work carrying the sunbonnet my Mother made for me. This stored the hot solar off the back of my neck, and in addition had a broad brim to maintain the solar off my face.

I’m sure you may have watched episodes of “Little House On the Prairie”, and seen the women dressed just like I used to costume. Girls back then were not allowed to wear pants or shorts. It was not lady-like. We wore cotton dresses that our Mothers made from flour sacks. When we acquired to the sphere to work, every individual was given a big sack to carry the cotton as it was picked.