Weight Loss Surgery In Mexico May Possibly Not Be As Safe As Advertised

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Save lots of money and get really skinny. It’s a compelling offer that’s attractive thousands of people who are told: Weight loss surgery in Mexico is safe. That wasn’t true for Jessica Ballandby. On Tuesday, two years after ABC15 broke the storyplot first, a multi-million money, class-action lawsuit was filed. It promises Jessica was deceived by an Arizona girl who recruited patients for doctors in Tijuana. In the first part of our exclusive analysis (in the player above), we’ve the terrifying warnings from patients countrywide, including Jessica, who says she was remaining and butchered for lifeless.

Packed with jaw-dropping details. Of unimaginable pain and excruciating loss. All blamed on Dr. Mario Almanza, who touts himself as the leading weight loss physician south of the border. Jessica Ballandby. She wanted to get weight reduction surgery to be healthy. Jessica admits she didn’t think about crossing the border for surgery.

And that wasn’t a probability on her behalf. 250 for individuals she delivered to cosmetic surgeons in Tijuana. She raved about Dr. Almanza. When Jessica online researched him, she discovered the Medical Tourism company, Weight Loss Agents. The business’s website features hundreds of happy patients who enthusiastically endorse Dr. Almanza. Jessica says she respected what she thought was an official recommendation.

But, the real story is written in the small print under the “Terms” section. You could literally take my band and hoodie it out & bloodstream was dripping from it. I’m thinking what the heck is certainly going on with me? It had been like she was lifeless. Jessica was 31-years-old when she visited Mexico.

She weighed 251 pounds. Now, she weighs in at 102 pounds and she just continues dropping. It’s an unhealthy reality. And, the weight isn’t the thing she’s lost. It’s near to half a million dollars. None from it is included in insurance because she thought we would have surgery in Mexico. Their position: if you pay for your surgery, you pay for your problems. We’ve verified: 4 Americans have died after having weight reduction surgery with Dr. Almanza.

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We called his office in Tijana and they said the unsatisfied patients featured in this tale were bribed by a disgruntled employee who would like to destroy the doctor’s reputation. Almanza is not part of this class-action lawsuit. But, Sandy Brimhall is. 10 Million because of what she do. Traveling to Mexico for weight reduction surgery. Would you consider it? Thousands did it – hundreds from Arizona – including Jessica Ballandby.

She’s part of this multi-million money lawsuit, tuesday filed, in Maricopa County. The suit promises she was deceived by an Arizona woman who recruited new patients for doctors in Tijuana. 10 Million because of what she do. Jessica Ballandby covers her mouth area and begins to cry. She’s complications from weight reduction surgery in Mexico.