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We all know its tough to stick to your fitness plan and maintain the momentum of your regular regularly. So why not try something interesting instead. Engage you friends, family or colleagues into a ‘Fitness Challenge’. Its easy to set it through to Motivade with a few simple steps. You are able to record and monitor your daily fitness activity, keep an eye on what your friends are doing and convert your everyday schedule into a healthy competition by inviting friends and family to your fitness problem! If you’re a member already just do it, sign in and follow these steps for creating challenging.

New members, subscribe here! Request friends and family to Motivade Then. They can be invited by you via e-mail or using Facebook. When setting up the task, along with inviting friends and family you set various parameters like the kind of exercise, metric to be utilized to evaluate the winner, the type of challenge, set the duration of the task. After you click on the button to choose your friends, you will notice a list of friends and family on Motivade.

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Simply tick on the checkbox to send them an invite to the challenge. You are able to create a challenge for any kind of exercise. You are able to select various parameters based on kind of exercise, bet placed on variety of stars you get conclusion of the task and also arranged the name for your problem.

You can also decide who can view this challenge, if it is limited to participants or their friends can easily see it even. What exercise – you can set it for a particular sport or exercise, or even better leave it open for just about any type. What Metric – could it be a points based challenge, or does it depends upon the hours you spend working out or weight loss?

These options only make the task more interesting and competitive. Type of Challenge – decide who is victorious based on factors accumulated by a particular date, or maximum points gained or whoever achieves established number of factors first. Step 3 3 – Name your Challenge! Name your fitness challenge and now prepare yourself to sweating it out to win it! Be sure you keep adding your workout and fitness activity records on Motivade. This will grow to be a great, engaging activity for all participants as you race against each other to reach your goal. Motivation is one of the biggest factors that drives any fitness activity and what better than some healthy competition to rev up your workout.

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