OBTAINING THE No Makeup Makeup Look (with Mineral Foundation)

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Light, odor-free and hypoallergenic – these are the reasons why women worldwide love mineral makeup foundation. When applied, mineral cosmetic doesn’t appear pasty, off-color, or evident on skin, unlike traditional makeup. Plus, it doesn’t have that fishy, fatty smell “old” cosmetic has. Naturally, the same goes for mineral-based eyeshadows and concealers.

What I really like most about mineral foundation is that it seems so natural when applied to skin. With the right make-up primer or base, the foundation too endures longer. The first rung on the ladder I really do when doing my facial makeup is to moisturize with a non-comedogenic moisturizer. Non-comedogenic means it’s clear of things that clog the pores and cause breakouts or pimples. I use Celeteque cosmetic moisturizer.

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2-in-1 (foundation-concealer) make-up basic. BB means blemish balm. BB cream originated from Germany and was initially made and advised for patients of burns up and surgery as it can treat and conceal blemishes all at the same time. You may speculate why a whole lot of Korean-made BB cream in local stores there’s. That’s because Korean celebrities will be the first people who used it as a makeup.

Well, It is used by me as a primer. I use Maybelline BB cream because I don’t want to buy one huge pot – those people under Korean brands. After making use of BB cream, I put on a good under attention concealer. Sometimes, I omit this step and put on a lighter hue of mineral basic foundation on the under eyeball area.

Then following the platform comes the nutrient foundation. For some tips on getting the right tone, read this access. I like to use a good, tender puff for smoother request. Just be sure to evenly apply the powder. If you’re still new to mineral makeup, try Ellana Minerals. Ellana Minerals has a multitude of mineral makeup, from foundations and eyeshadows, to concealers and lipsticks. Plus, it’s a Filipino brand. Ellana knows mineral cosmetic and they’re interested in educating those who test their products about proper cosmetic request and techniques.

They have this small brochure including everything you should know about mineral cosmetic. It also has great make-up tips you’ll surely benefit from. I found them at a tiangge in Alabang and since I bought my first Ellana product – a mineral foundation – I keep on coming back to them for new products to try and new brochures to learn. It’s a good thing they upgrade their brochures every season. I really like their mineral foundation because it has the most diverse colours among mineral powder brands I’ve checked out in the market. Plus, they recommend the right cover from the sun for your skin layer tone depending on which shade category your veins’ color fall: warm undertone, cool undertone, and olive undertone.

If you apply the blush in a long straight downwards heart stroke, then it’ll longer make the facial skin turn up. To shorten the face, apply the blush in a horizontal shape. First, apply blush to the apples of the cheeks. Start using a highlighting shade for the most notable of the cheek and then use a darker cover from the sun of blush just underneath in the hollow of the cheekbone. This can make your cheeks look like they are contoured. Ensure that you are utilizing a good cheek blush brush with a rounded head.

Tapping the powder into the bristles of the brush will allow a little amount of blush to be employed at a time. This will eliminate the probability of applying much blush at one time too. To give an appearance of high cheekbones, use a lighter shade of blush on the upper cheek and a darker contour shade under the apples of the cheeks. Lip liner Always apply lip liner before putting on your lip color (lip gloss or lipstick). This will hold your color set up and it also helps to give a nice design to the lip area. Trimming your lip liner to a very sharp point gives your lips an extremely well identified look.

When putting on the lip liner start in the guts of the bottom lip, then go from the exterior corner to the guts of the bottom lip and then the other outside place into the centre. At the top go from the exterior part up to the optimum of your top lip and then from the other outdoors corner up to the optimum. Next, apply to the peak in the heart of the most notable lip. Filling your lips in with lip liner will maintain your lipstick or lip gloss on longer. This gives your lips color if your lipstick or lip gloss starts to fade.

Lip Color Using a good lip clean can make your color continue very smoothly. Utilizing a lip clean apply the colour right to your lips. Start in the guts of underneath lip and work the right path out. If using lip keep, blot your lips and reapply. Use something that has shimmer in it.