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“To enjoy my son’s 3rd Birthday we prepared a Tractorcade! For those of you who is probably not hip to the farmstyle lingo, a Tractorcade is a parade of tractors…fun right basically? Dane’s Great Grandpa Mickey has an accumulation of fully-restored, vintage farm tractors. Needless to say, our little guy is a little Enthusiastic about them! When I asked him if he would prefer to have a Tractor Party he actually flipped his lid and said, ‘Mom…that’s a GREAT idea!

’ I just think it’s great when someone (even an easily excitable child) gets as pumped as I really do about a very cool party theme! The biggest tractor in Grandpa Mickey’s collection is a classic red International, he has some smaller gray ones too… also.so that’s where the party inspiration really started…I had my color scheme!

I also wanted to accentuate with navy and white. An extremely classic color plan, perfect for this time of year as well as for a boy whose birthday falls on Memorial Day Weekend or the 4th of July! I immediately contacted Anders Ruff Custom Designs and got taking place the invitations and coordinating printables.

They did this amazing job designing for my daughter’s Vintage Schoolhouse Party! I understood that they had the ideal aesthetic! I came across an invite in their shop that was nearly the same as what I wanted and asked if they could rework it a little to go with the tractor theme. Adria added the PERFECT tractor graphic and transformed the colors to complement our party…LOVE! She also created small party logos and Thank-you tags that coordinated…it is all just TOO cute!

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Adria also suggested that I try printing the invites on Watercolor paper to go along with the classic feel…significantly….BEST SUGGESTION EVER! I adore how they proved absolutely! The TRACTORS definitely stole the show and were the primary center point of our party decor! Grandpa Mickey brought most of them up and parked them throughout our lawn. Dane went ballistic when each of them started arriving….it was significantly the cutest thing ever!

When the last one taken up he said, ‘MOM! It’s All of the tractors of the global world! ’ There have been 4…but to him…close enough! Since I’m a DIY kind-of girl, Some projects were had by me I wanted to tackle for Dane’s party. Although colors were essentially Red Even, White, Blue and Grey…I didn’t want the party to be too 4th of July….does that make sense? I came across some remnant upholstery fabric that proceeded to go with the colour scheme properly! That’s right…I just glued all the pieces to the top ribbon and….viola….my no-sew banners were done!