Does Every Company Need A Safeguarding Policy?

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Using the Datamaran Research Tool, I looked for how many companies are discussing safeguarding in their sustainability reviews. It seems, that safeguarding can be applied to almost everything. L’Occitane International SA goes for another type of safeguarding -safeguarding the future of bees while assisting to build communities. In fact, safeguarding has become so popular that I am thinking of safeguarding my own ice cream supply for another five years. Read Sarah’s insights into safeguarding in a corporate and business context later in this article.

Some companies stick out in their method of safeguarding vulnerable children and adults. Pearson’s Sustainability Report for 2016 carries a dedication to safeguarding adults and children. Another ongoing company that has a safeguarding concentrate, and rather certainly so also, is LEGO. LEGO’s Digital Child Safety Policy originated as a business-leading practice to ensure the welfare of children interacting with digital channels.

The policy is applied through necessary training for employees who work directly or indirectly with children online and also pertains to partners who deliver LEGO branded experiences. Online safety is relevant not only for companies in the scholarly education and toy development industries. It comes up regularly as a key material topic for companies that provide internet or media content. A couple of more positive types of safeguarding out there, enough to convince you that safeguarding is an essential component of corporate responsibility. I want one to listen to from the expert herself, Sarah Carlick, Managing and Founder Director from the Athena Program. Why did you choose to safeguard as your neighborhood of specialist expertise?

In a business context, what are the cable connections to safeguarding? What exactly are the key safeguarding risks for companies? Will every ongoing company need a safeguarding plan? Can you give some examples of where such an insurance plan might be needed? In what context is it important to teach company employees in safeguarding? What can you as well as the Athena Program do to help companies practice effective safeguarding? If you are interested in discovering more, contact Sarah here. CSR Consultant, Sustainability Reporter, previous HR Professional, Trust Across America 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award honoree, Ice Cream Addict, Author of three totally groundbreaking books on sustainability (see About Me web page). Need help writing your first / next Sustainability Report?

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