Weight Loss Diary 15

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At the beginning of the weight loss program the target was set to lose one pound (450 grams) each week making it an 18-week project; it’s been achieved in 10 weeks just. During this period no food that I like has been abandoned for further than one-day at the same time and exercise has been set at just 30-minutes every week.

A tough question to answer because every part of the program is so important. However if pressed to pick a unitary thing it must be learning about serving sizes. Ignoring healthy serving sizes is the biggest cause of obesity in the western world. What did I like most about the scheduled program?

That’s a simple question because I liked regaining aerobic fitness above everything else. Not only the formal exercise area of the program but just being more alert to including exercise in my own daily life. Stopping delivery of my daily newspapers and walking to buy it every morning. Parking my car as far as possible from the supermarket entry was great in two ways: First it made me walk a little further to and from the car.

  1. Might be a little too ‘young’ for some kids
  2. Moser KA
  3. Drink Up
  4. 7:00am – 12:00pm
  5. Individuals with type 2 diabetes – because this supplement may stimulate hypoglycemia

Second I hardly ever acquired a problem parking the car and it was totally straight forward – a lovely way to live life. Then there is refusing to use any escalator if stairs were available. Now I find myself looking for hillsides to walk up for no other reason than the task.

This added mobility has another added benefit; I’ve fulfilled so many interesting and new people who take regular physical exercise. The advantage of losing 18 pounds (9 kilo’s) is good for my health, but even better for my social life is the new people that I’ve met and my rediscovered aerobic fitness.

Life is absolutely great. From emails that I obtain I know that some people are following this program beside me plus some are beating my results while others are not quite on par. The best thing is that even the least successful continues to be losing one-pound each week and this is the program target. Congratulations. Even though you are 200 pounds over weight it’ll only take four years for the most part to attain your focus on without quitting anything that you like. The only question you will need answer is do I wish to lose one-pound (450 grams) every week?