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Don’t have a Linkedln profile, allows just say you should and here is the reason why. If your task hunting or if you want others to see what you do and want to be considered by other employers. Posting your profile in Linkedln will show off your skills and should a company want to employ you. Let’s just say they can easily contact you. Also it’s a terrific way to send job application online for job opportunities. Linked is similar to Indeed, Dice, Monster, Careerbuilder, Beyond, etc., and sending your resume take a few clicks just. Take a look and give it a try. The easiest way to networking online.

The lower the establishing number, the longer it takes before Mint begins using the swap. On the scale of 0-100, the default environment is 60. Which is much too much for normal desktop use, in support of fit for servers. A detailed description is available here (hyperlink dead? Then download this pdf file with the same content).

1.7.1. The firewall is impaired by default, but usually it’s better to turn it on. On cellular devices like laptop computers Especially, which sometimes connect to other systems than your own. The firewall is called Uncomplicated Firewall (us) and can be operated from the terminal. Press Enter. Type your password when prompted. In Ubuntu this remains invisible entirely, not dots will show when you type it even, that’s normal. In Mint this has changed: you’ll see the asterisks when you type. Uncomplicated Firewall (now) has a practical group of default configurations (profile), that are fine for almost all home users.

So unless you have special wishes: you’re done! I’ve published the most crucial message in red: this result basically means that incoming is refused and all outgoing is allowed. There are sensible exceptions in the default settings: for example, with the default profile for the use of Samba should be no nagging problem. Also downloading torrents (fetch) should be possible; but seeding torrents (serve), may need a temporal disabling of use.

You can also read the rules files in /etc/ufw (the data files whose titles end with.Guidelines). A further explanation about the firewall and security in general can be found here. 1.7.2. The root password is regrettably no set by default. This means that a malicious person with physical access to your computer, can simply boot it into Recovery mode. In the recovery menu he can then select to launch a root shell, and never have to enter any password.

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After which one’s body is completely his. He can then do all sorts of unpleasant things. Press Enter. Type your security password when prompted. In Ubuntu this remains entirely invisible, not dots will show when you type it, that’s normal. In Mint it has changed: you’ll see the asterisks when you type. Note: I advise to make the root password (“UNIX password”) identical to your own, to be able to on prevent problems later. For good measure: a bad guy with physical usage of your computer also has other methods to acquire root authority on your pc.

So this fix certainly doesn’t make your computer completely safe: physical access always remains a risk. What this fix will is blocking one much easy way to get such unauthorized main gain access to too. Which increases security somewhat? Press Enter. Type your password when prompted. In Ubuntu this remains entirely invisible, not dots will show when you type it, that’s normal. In Mint this has changed: you will see asterisks when you type.

Double-click Ttf-mscorefonts-installer for installation and press the Install button. Note: it may look like the installation has stalled. That is only seemingly so: simply wait. After a while (this might last several minutes!) the installation should neatly complete. Avoid 10 fatal mistakes! 1.9. There are 10 mistakes that you will definitely want to avoid, for the sake of the ongoing health of your system. 1.10. If you have a problem: check out the solutions for many bugs.

Don’t omit this, when you yourself have some problem! Written for Ubuntu, but applicable in Linux Mint as well. Also relevant: the release records of Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon. 2.1. By default, Mono is installed. That’s cross-platform, which means it works in many operating systems (including Windows). That Mono infrastructure could potentially be abused by specially crafted cross-platform malware and viruses.

It’s only a limited risk, but a risk nevertheless: with Mono, you’re partially in the polluted and infected Windows ecosystem. Whereas the benefit of Mono is small, because there are excellent alternatives for the Mono structured applications usually. So it’s easier to remove Mono. Furthermore, Linux Mint contains screen audience Orca (gnome-orca) by default.