Does It Really Work?

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This article is for individuals who think that she/he has found a magic wand to regulate their bodyweight which is called bulimia. Many bulimics think they created it and keep it top secret for a long time because it seems shameful to acknowledge about throwing up food. Bulimia as a weight loss strategy is common and impacts about 4%-6% of women.

The numbers can also be higher because the problem is very secretive rather than all bulimics acknowledge they have a problem. So, throwing up food can help to lose some weight initially. But what goes on next? Is using bulimia as a weight loss strategy really helpful for the long term? Let’s take a look at how bulimia can start.

Initially people just embark on a diet which progresses to a stricter diet and a good period of hunger. During this period they experience tremendous hunger and urges for several foods (especially ones filled with glucose and fatty foods). They start dreaming about food and it takes increasingly more effort to keep control over their body and mind in halting themselves from eating. So finally they start eating but no longer do they have a normal sense of satisfaction while they eat. Your body says:”It really is famine, eat while food is available”.

And it is the way the binging cycle starts. They eat until they are so full that they can not keep all the meals down. They must purge everything up. And after vomiting the body is starving again. People experience yearnings for sweets, chocolate, potato chips, biscuits and other snack foods which are high in calories.

Bulimics then develop habits of snacking but at the same time avoid normal meals. As a result by eating snack foods they consume more calories than they would have consumed by eating normal meals. In addition to the vomiting makes them constantly starving even after eating some food. So rather than eating and feeling satisfying from normal servings, they consume a lot more food than they would under normal circumstances.

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To conclude, bulimia weight reduction is not a good option for controlling your bodyweight. So in the long term your weight can increase because of the constant snacking of high calories from fat foods. Moreover you will develop a deadly addiction called bulimia nervosa that affects your body, mind and spirit and transforms you into a slave of food.

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