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Finding good web resources can be the hardest area of the job for an educator. With all the demands on a teacher’s time, who has time to invest searching? If this is you, are some resources you might found useful here. Since my list is now top-heavy with general resources that is exactly what I’m sharing today, than by curriculum area rather.

As always, please feel free toshare with others. Then be sure to go out and explore all the great tools available to you there! 20 Free eBook Websites for Downloading An excellent set of sites where free eBooks can be gotten; the majority of these are new to me, and there are a few great sees! Voki for Education In response to instructor demands, Voki is starting Voki Classroom. This will let educators create and manage student Voki projects.

Also, using countries, blog posts that are critical of the federal government or elsewhere “offensive” could easily get you into serious trouble. Be smart in what you post. Avoid posting anything that infringes on the privacy of others if you allow everyone to learn your blog. If something is personal, stay away from last names at the minimum, or constitute a name for that person.

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Also, avoid posting private pictures of other folks without their authorization. Prepare yourself for some unkind comments, if you are blogging about sensitive topics especially. Spend time reading a simple book or website about avoiding infringement of intellectual property and defamation when blogging. There are a few good basics available both online and in book form, to help you stay away from potential legal troubles.

Knowing just a little can save you a lot. Be wary of unwarranted attention. Don’t give out too much private information such as your full name, your location or other identifying information. Even though you have good advertising, there is a chance that you may not get many visitors clicking to your blog. I hope this article was able to help you! Please leave a comment!

• If you anticipate using vulgar language, creating a few beers while playing, participating in “adult like subjects” than put an age group limit. I have had guilds with 18 and over and 21 and over always. For myself it is just too much responsibility when you have 250 to even 1000 people playing with one to allow younger people to play.