MEET UP WITH THE Shaneyfelts

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Rachel and I eat lunch together every Tuesday and it’s something that I really anticipate come early july! She had told me that day that one of her coworkers asked if I ever wore makeup because she hadn’t seen me use it either personally or in virtually any pictures lately haha! I’m not a makeup wearer unless I am going somewhere.

By rotation I was the In-charge of the faculty those days, so I also took the chance to receive the Governor. He met with the lecturers one by one, visited the exhibitions displayed by the students and then returned to the head office building. Dr. Syed Hasan still didn’t meet him.

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He was everywhere , but in the background. I witness that the Governor asked some one: “SYED SAHAB KAHAN HAIEN? Where is Mr. Syed Hasan? Parasad Bhai a Hindu instructor rushed to call Dr. Syed Hasan. The jewel of the ‘Insan Organic’ Dr Then. Syed Hasan emerged in a very simple look.

He fulfilled the governor. They both sat close to one another on the dining table. I was nearby to listen what they discuss there. The Governor asked: ” EK SAAL MIEN KEYA KHARCH AATA HAI? What is the annual costs? Dr. Syed Hasan solved. Just how much it goes in salaries? Dr. Syed Hasan responded.

“YEH RAQAM WAHI HAI JO GOVERNMENT TEACHRON KO PAY KARTI HAI YA US SE ALAG AHAI? Is this the same amount what the Government use to pay to the trained educators? How much it could be added to meet up with the government standards? The Governor again asked. Dr Syed Hasan escaped the answer and said: “MAIEN LOGON SE KAHTA HUN KI MUJHE MANGNA KUEN SIKHATE HAIEN?

I tell the individuals why they compel me to ask? Bring your Ego to such a elevation that before asking for anything Allah may ask you what would you like? We will be the official people. And this was the finish of the talk. In the evening the Governor arrived again to view the social program began at 7:00 o’clock.

Varieties of programs were being staged. I was the organizer and of an ‘one take action play also, it was shown in Urdu. It had been a philosophical Play. All of these characteristics were being personified upon the stage. Grown-up students of High School were playing the assignments. ‘Power’. This is a philosophical play to that i was motivated by the Book of Allama Iqbal “FALASFA E AJAM”. It had been the Urdu translation of his PhD thesis “The development of metaphysics in Persia”. I influenced to form the thought of this play from his reserve.

There they were when I walked into Neiman Marcus Mazza Gallerie last night! Chantecaille’s new introductions in play-ready setting. Jeannine Barnes ensured she had them showing us. I had been careful not to drool on the museum-ready specimens. You can purchase that wonderful zebra-striped Kabuki Brush already, made out of goat hair. It’s the perfect clean for applying Chantecaille’s new HD Powder.

I tried it out in the store and was blown away by the powder’s efficiency in giving me a gentle, refined look. What can I say. Stunning makeup, good cause – how good can it get? You will also want those two lipsticks and the lip gloss. In the event that you skipped my preview, just click here. The attention palette has landed on our shores, but have not made its way to Chantecaille yet. I’m sure I’ve converted into a pest, requesting multiple times each day, “Is it here yet?” I’ll wager we’ll have to hold back only a few more times.

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