How To Check An Investment Banker’s References

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Similar to requesting the right questions when interviewing people, asking the right questions when checking out recommendations can be an equally daunting proposition. Your strategy is clear, determine who execute a good job, but the tactics to determine that are where things get squishy. Asking the wrong questions can inadvertently tip off the other person and they’ll finish up providing you the answer they think you want to hear.

When devising reference check questions for investment bankers, your guiding light ought to be to ask questions that give you functional data that help you create a decision. This is easier in theory, of course. Without ideal advanced planning, the questions you’ll ask will be of “I think I need to ask this” variety. So, let’s analyze five typical questions that you might think you should ask an investment banker and contrast them with questions that will provide you with usable data. Meaningless: What did they charge?

This is a common question because just what a service costs is highly recommended before deciding to hire any type of an consultant. But will the answer, any answer, to the question offer you anything usable that may help you decide whether or not to hire the investment banker? Join thousands of subscribers who get actionable insights from Divestopedia. Useful: Was their work worthy of what you paid?

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Price, in and of itself, doesn’t provide a lot of a data point. 100 for just two people, would that let you know anything? Obviously not. You need to know what is included in that food. 100 would be an outrageous price. 100 would be a complete bargain. Your focus should be on determining if the service was of value commensurate with the price paid.

Price only gives you half the storyplot. Meaningless: How long did it take? Because of countless vagaries with doing offers, the length of time had a need to close a deal is an almost meaningless metric. A offer that closes in six months might be considered a bad deal. A calendar year and half might be the best thing for owner A deal that took. Useful: Did they actually what they said they’d do? Determining if the investment banker adopted up, adopted through and achieved what they said they would accomplish goes quite a distance in helping you determine the efficacy of the investment banker.

Meaningless: Do they know a lot of buyers? This question repeatedly arises when business owners and professionals are interviewing investment bankers. Unfortunately, this question doesn’t give a useful data point for a simple reason: buyers are a dime twelve, they are no problem finding. Buyers want to listen to about companies for sale. Useful: Did they attend all meetings with the buyers? An investment banker should attend conferences between his/her client (the seller) and any and all buyers.