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Despite some recent dental woes, I am absolutely sense the Fall season. Chances are you are wondering about the photo at top. The five shadows I purchased emerged packaged in a black, Chinese food takeout style package with MPZ’s personal “severed finger” attached with a red ribbon. Obviously, I got quite a kick out of it.

The photo above was used artificial light and, because they are pastels mostly, it’s a bit difficult to capture their true beauty. 20). Fatback and Tenderloin are from the Butcher Shop Collection. Tenderloin is a beautiful shade of red wine with a purple/blue shift and Fatback is a surprisingly feminine, baby pink with an iridescent quality to it.

Celery and Bile is a mint green with a white yellow metal change, and Rabid Weasel is a matte grey with a blue undertone to it. I must address LAWYER Lamb Cake separately for several reasons: 1 – I’m a attorney and “law firm” hasn’t, Available it into the cosmetics world in this fashion. 2 – This is an exceptionally unique formula.

It’s a variety of iridescent white/gray shadow with bits of iridescent glitter mixed in! A primer is necessary by it, a glitter adhesive preferably, but it’s absolutely amazing on. I completely intend to combine it into some lip gloss simply for fun one of these times. 3 – It creates an excellent highlighter. Just perfect. It is my favorite of the complete lot. Above is an instant eye look I did so using Fatback all over, and Tenderloin in the crease. If you are a gal that prefers unique makeup that’s only a touch on the dark aspect, MPZ is for you.

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  • Simply combine essential natural oils with any carrier essential oil and massage into the face

I just love how this brand doesn’t take itself too seriously and has fun, interesting color options for every taste. There are plenty of ways to purchase eyes shadows, too. Although I cannot see how you could withstand buying multiple shades, you can buy one single container, a whole collection, or colors from the entire line.

The website clearly states what’s safe for eyes and lips, and also which shades are vegan. Have an adventurous cosmetics lover in your daily life? MPZ offers gift cards, which really is a perfect way to let a close friend try out this loveable range. 5 each, and I received 2 sample shadows and an example of Mr. Pickles Miraculous Beauty Dust (finishing powder) – LOVE. 15. You’ll want to check on around to make certain you’re getting the best offer, whatever route you’re taking. My Pretty Zombie is a little bit creepy and a lot pretty.