New Laser Therapy Seeks To Halt The Progression Of Age-related Vision Loss

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The new Maculaser heat treatment developed by Aalto University research workers involves heating system the retinal pigment epithelium behind the attention (at the fundus) with a near-infrared laser beam and precise temperature control. The objective is to prevent the development of the problem in its first stages and also to prevent it from progressing to the dried out or moist form. The temperatures perseverance method has been shown to work in tissues research on pigs and mice, and preclinical assessments for the heat treatment have begun. The purpose of the Maculaser commercialisation task is to allow the use of heat therapy in humans, and the look and construction of the procedure device is currently under way.

The goal is to allow the heat treatment to be carried out within a temp range, which is both safe and effective. The prospective temperatures is approximated to be 42-43 degrees celcius around. At this temperature, the procedure has a therapeutic effect without causing damage. Solutions for treating AMD are being wanted across the world using methods such as laser light treatments, medications, stem cell and gene therapies, and health supplements.

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A plant-based diet, quitting smoking, and taking nutritional vitamin supplements all help hinder the development of AMD, but aren’t sufficient on their own. The condition develops with age gradually, and it is approximated that the worldwide direct health care system cost of treating the disease has ended €200 billion. Jani Tirronen, who is responsible for task commercialisation. Business Finland is assisting the Maculaser project with the total budget being €900,000.

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