Step-By-Step Egyptian Cleopatra Costume Guide

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The suffragettes may have formalized a woman’s’ liberalization party, but throughout history there has been a movement of women who’ve proven their strength among men. Cleopatra for example, used her beauty, wit, and elegance to carry herself across the most effective of men. If you’re a woman looking to persuade yourself that you have what must be done to contend with the men who surround you try mimicking Cleopatra and bring out the enthusiast, Pharaoh, and goddess in you.

Cleopatra was a Hellenistic ruler in Egypt the century before Christ and always changed her looks. However, at the moment fashion was simple and clothing was made to permit motion. So when looking for your Cleopatra apparel check out a thrift search and store for a straightforward dress, either white or black that runs all the way to the ground.

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A dress which has sheer material, sleeveless, and a low cut is ideal. While the dress should be simple, you will need a collar and throat piece which is adorned with beads and jewels. You will also want to find gold and jeweled bracelets that you can wear up your arms. For nice hair, log purchase a Cleopatra wig.

A crucial component that allowed Cleopatra to seduce both Caesar and Mark Anthony was her beauty that emanated from her locks. Therefore, it is essential for you too to get the right updo that will make the males go wild. You will also want to buy a gold headband to wear like a crown, and if you can find one with a snake you can blame it as the serpent whose bite she used to attain her suicide.

While Cleopatra’s beauty was natural, makeup surely helped to earn the hearts of her people, and lead them to believe she was the reincarnation of the goddess of knowledge. When recreating the look use dark eyeliner on the lower portion of your eyelid and underneath the eye. Have both of these lines meet with a collection that will go from the end corner of your eye towards the ears.

Eye shadow should also be employed from the eyelid to the bottom of your eyebrows. Put on a pair of sandal wedges or platinum slippers and you’ll be prepared to walk like an Egyptian. Once your outfit is assembled in entirety, you shall be in a position to show how you are like Cleopatra. While she learned the Egyptian language, had four sons, and was the sole ruler of Egypt, you can take on any obstacle that lies before you in today’s modern society.

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