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I’ve noticed lately a pattern with myself with being drawn to neutral/natural shades. In my own continuing exploration of what shades I wish to participate my ‘makeup closet’ – I’m looking for colours that are traditional, polished, go with everything and use every season. What’s my personal style and exactly how does my makeup look support/work with that style? I made a breakthrough this week when I put all my lipsticks together and started looking and how each one suits into my daily style/look – my attention kept on heading back to Taupe by MAC.

Since my complexion is more bronzed from the sun nowadays, I made a decision to play up the warmth factor. The one thing which i absolutely ‘hated’ about my color analysis trip is feeling like I had developed to pick sides and that I had formed to give up wearing certain shades because they didn’t fit into a palette. I wish to be Absolve to choose whatever colour I want to wear on a certain day and work with the components of my clothes and style to make it happen.

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No more, ‘cool just, warm or natural’ – I’m putting on what I love! The whole idea of a color palette as a science limits a persons confidence in utilizing their own judgment about what works for them. For this look I began with my basic concealer and tinted moisturizer. Then i added Saddle eyeshadow by MAC in to the crease and outer edges. I applied Teddy eyeliner by MAC and smudged a color called ‘Chocolate Martini’ from the Too Faced Natural Eyes eyeshadow palette in to the Teddy Liner and finished with black mascara. Then i applied NARS Oasis blush and used MAC Trace Gold Blush as a pop of silver on the centre of the cheeks. Finally, I applied Taupe lipstick! Taupe is definitely going to be a ‘keeper’ in my makeup bag!

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