How To Do No-Makeup Makeup The Easy Way

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No-makeup makeup is an elusive, confusing thing, because 99-percent of that time period, it requires way more time and effort than your normal night-out look. Because you’re seeking to fool people into thinking your skin is naturally glowing and perfect and magical, which known degree of trickery takes time and precision.

But just because no-makeup makeup isn’t for the lazy, it also shouldn’t require three years of cosmetology college to master. Luckily, once you get the hang of it (i.e. applying multiple sheer layers of makeup until you eventually build to a natural-looking finish), you’ll realize it’s actually quite easy and painless. So to get you started, we broke down the five most-important tips to pulling from the perfect no-makeup makeup look. Learn the energy of concealer.

No, you don’t have to have perfect, blemish-free epidermis to accomplish the no-makeup look-although it seriously helps. “With a great skin regimen that keeps your skin looking flawless, you’ll barely need any makeup anyway, ” says makeup artist and skin care consultant Karuna Chani. Sorry, but no matter how awesome your foundation is, it’s never, ever going to offer a no-makeup makeup look, because it’s simply too heavy.

  1. Protects against bacterial disease
  2. Make perfume last longer
  3. It’s okay to involve some oil on that person because it’s had a need to make you look youthful

“Tinted moisturizers are light, airy, and allow your skin showing through it, so there’s no chance you’ll get the ‘cakey’ makeup look,” says Chani. Hide blemishes the way in which. Caking 23 layers of concealer on one blemish is immediately going to destroy your no-makeup makeup look. Instead, pick one full-coverage, hydrating yet, concealer that can cover zits with simply a few taps, like Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer.

After applying your tinted moisturizer, dab the concealer over the head of your zit gently, wait five minutes, gently tap then, tap, tap to blend it out. Ditch every powders. The target here’s to have dewy, glowing skin, as if you just got 12 hours of rest in a misty cloud, and powders kill that whole goal. So swap your powder blush for a cream or gel formula, like Perfekt Cheek Perfection Gel or NYX Cream Blush, and blend it along the apples of your cheeks. Keep carefully the rest of your makeup light.

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