With This Provocative Opening Line

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With this provocative opening line, one man started a rant against the popular live-streaming app, accusing new technology of corrupting the morals of young women. Elnur Muradov goes on to say that parents aren’t taking notice of what their children – “especially daughters” – are doing on the phones. Nearly 50,000 people have viewed the video, a substantial quantity for Azerbaijan.

Gunel Asgerzade, one of the few Azerbaijanis to voice outrage in the video’s feedback section, says that far from exposing herself or putting on makeup, she uses Periscope to show everyday routine with her twin small children. BBC Trending has previously investigated sexist remarks on Periscope. A quick look at those using the app from Azerbaijan revealed that most of them seem to be men, and despite Muradov’s complaints none of the women broadcasting themselves were gaining makeup or taking their clothes off. But despite all this, many Azerbaijanis online portrayed support for Muradov’s views – most feedback backed his views. You are able to follow BBC Trending on Twitter @BBCtrending, and find us on Facebook.

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The teams with the best 12 records in the group can make the playoffs. In case of a tie for lottery/playoff appearance purposes, the first tiebreaker is head-to-head regular season record. July 24th 2019 where it will be taken place on proboards The NBASD inaugural auction draft will begin.

150 to invest on a minimum of 12 players and a maximum of 15 players. All NBA-eligible players entering the 2019-2020 season will be auctioned off, signifying every united team gets the chance to acquire any player. As in an auction, your bid must stand the best for at least 24 hours. After a bid stands for a day, the commissioner(s) will update the Master Doc to the team with the best valid bet. The public sale process goes as follows: every owner is given one player that they can start a bid for.

The minimum bet is 1M and there is no maximum, as long as you have enough money leftover to complete your roster. 11 left to complete your roster. A player’s salary will be whatever their purchase price was in the inaugural auction draft multiplied by a million.

70 then his salary in NBASD will be 70M per season. A player’s contract size will be whatever their current IRL agreement size is. Once a player reaches Free Agency in the NBASD, their IRL contract won’t be relevant in this league. More with this below in the Free Agency section.

The NBASD G-League is likely to be used as a group where we stash players who play in other leagues throughout the world. This consists of but is not exclusive to the IRL G-League, any European and any Chinese little league. IRL NBA PLAYERS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO BE MOVED TO THE NBASD G-LEAGUE. THAT IS STRICTLY FOR NON-NBA PLAYERS.

This is going to be an optional feature for managers who may believe there is a hidden gem somewhere. It is not required at all. As stated above, a maximum is had by the NBASD roster count of 20 across both NBASD main squad and the g-league. As long as the the least 12 players has been met, all 8 of the rest of the places might be utilized for g-league stashes if the dog owner wishes. If all 15 spots are being applied to the NBA roster than only up to 5 players may be stashed in the g-league.

A player may only be called up from the g-league if they have been called up to the NBA IRL. A player can only be sent right down to the g-league if they have been sent down IRL. The G-League motion section on Proboards is where you’ll have the ability to make these movements.

To fill up your G-League, the NBASD will be utilizing a bidding system using points rather than a salary based contract. G-League prospect bidding will be utilized each offseason and only for the offseason. The waiver wire system (below) will be used during the system. When bidding on prospects for your G-League, owners will be using Prospect Points rather than actual dollars.