My Wife Has MS

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So many emails I receive are from individuals with recently diagnosed MS. They may be scared, and have more questions than answers. If they’ve researched the internet for MS symptoms, just diagnosed with MS, coping with MS, etc., they have probably been led to many websites and weblogs that give a bleak future for the MS patient. Well, I could only speak from my wife’s experiences, but I could let you know that you could have MS and live an extremely full, active life.

MS, but she is constantly on the fight for a much better life and has had the opportunity to conquer those symptoms. Life can go on, and my partner spent some time working hard to be healthy not limited to herself, but also for me and our girl. Coping with MS is challenging, and a very important factor I have discovered from talking with so may different people with MS is that not anything that has worked for my wife is wonderful for them the same way. Patience, trial and error and getting the hope that there are definitely treatments that will continue to work have kept my partner striving for better health and a better life.

Life continues on after diagnosis of MS, and there can be some tough times really, but I understand for my wife that she’s battled through those and has continued to be healthier and live a full life. So, please don’t let diagnosis or MS episodes stop you from longing for a better future and a complete life. That is one of the primary reasons this blog was started by us, to talk about our experiences in the wish that it would help someone.

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Only the other day, an older female told me the fitness center was becoming more about young people and young guys with all its dumbells and kettlebells. In her mind, home cardio equipment and certain level of resistance machines were for old people. And do not misunderstand me, many machines have their benefits. But what an indictment that someone now thinks a basic movement such as a squat or press up or a dumbbell is for younger people. To conclude, we have all failed, the industry, the personnel, the clients. We were all complicit in the shiny shining rest, and it was fueled by equipment manufacturers.

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It’s time to come on, get truthful, it’s time to re-frame our product. Its time to have faith in your knowledge, its time to realise the real value of your skill and product established. It’s time we all got out of our fitness comfort zone. It is time to get training!

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