Your Next Wine Investments With Frederick Achom

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Frederick Achom is the chairman and founder at the Rosemont Group, which can be an offshore centered company that, among other activities, owns many stake in the Bordeaux Wine Company, a wine advisory company with head-offices in London. The investment benefits deriving from your wine market is well known today, but it hasn’t been that way.

It was only about ten years ago that Boington & Fredericks of London, which was Frederick Achom’s first company that provided wine investment consultation, was suspended from trading by the Department of Trade and Industry. The financial regulatory boards claimed that charging fees for wine investment advisory for wines with little or no chance of attaining a profit or growth. At a right time that retailers were selling an incident of Lafite ’96 for only 2,000, Achom’s company was selling them for just as much as 3,900 with value-adds.

While many thought that the money was ill-invested, they were proven wrong. As good example, that same case of Lafite ’96 today sells around 15,000 per case, cementing the idea that Achom’s original perceptions about investment in fine wines were directly on monitor. Being the child of a wine collector, Frederick Achom has long been interested in wine qualities and varying vintages, but that of Bordeaux wine especially.

However, in the past he rarely noticed anyone speak about wine in regards to investment other than socially. With the mind of a business owner, when a friend suggested that they start buying wine to stock their own wine cellar, he took the chance to do an in-depth study on the wine market pricing and trends.

While learning this field, he began to realise the paucity of available advice to help him make purchasing decisions. Although experienced wine traders were privy to this information, it was very hard for the overall buyer to come across. In 1999 he started to understand the great potential and took the plunge into the fine wine market. Achom felt that fine wine investment ticked most of the boxes for a sound investment; a finite product with a firmly limited creation that loves an extremely growing demand throughout the world.

Achom’s company offered added value services, that have been until then was only found in traditional investment marketplaces, so for the first couple of years in business it had to charge relatively high-mark ups on its selection of products. That the idea of buying fine wines has advanced Now, he faces more competition and has restructured the company’s business design to be even more competitive in the. That said, his Bordeaux Wine Company still offers a far more comprehensive wine advisory service than the normal wine retailers of today.

Bordeaux wines rule the marketplace hands-down when it comes to purchasing for investment purposes. The Bordeaux Wine Company will go one step further in advising its clients to purchase wines “en primeur”, or wines in the barrel which have not yet been bottled. The “first growths” have a tremendous propensity for accruing value as time passes and they account for more than 60% of the wines sold at auctions.

With the growing recognition in wine investment, there is an increasing dependence on professional wines advisories. This is seen especially with the very recent introduction of the marketplace in china and taiwan and SOUTH USA, where the interested customers are coming into the market without vast knowledge. First and foremost, the purchasing of fine wines should be looked at as a medium to long-term investment. New traders need to invest time doing their own research to comprehend the basics of wines investment.

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Carolyn Holmes, mature wine specialist for Christie’s of London, advocates choosing wines with a long history of success and a good reputation. Enzo Giannotta, of Cult & Boutique Wines, advises his clients to stick to the first growth wines, also known as the blue chip wines, which have shown consistency.

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