INVESTING IN A Homely House Is Not The Same As Buying A House On Fire

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By Thursday, March 13, the rumors acquired become a “self-fulfilling prophecy” and resulted in a “operate on the lender,” Mr. Schwartz said. Bear Stearns reached out to the regulators, night who worked well throughout the. By Friday morning, March 14, the Fed agreed to extend financing to Bear Stearns through J.P.

Morgan. Then the firms and authorities officials worked through the weekend to spur Bear Stearns’s sale and stop a bankruptcy processing. 2-per-share price was determined. Mr. Dimon said both Treasury Secretary Henry Mr and Paulson. Geithner were aware that J.P. 2 a talk about. Both men, according to Mr. Dimon, said your choice was J.P.

Morgan’s to make. However, Mr. Dimon said Mr. Paulson elevated the point of view that the bigger the price, the higher the likelihood of creating moral risk. 2 figure was not based on the worthiness of the Bear Stearns, but “was based on protecting the downside” that J.P. Morgan faced. “I tell people that buying a residence is different then buying a house burning,” he said. 30 billion loan — under the central bank’s new program of direct lending open to major investment banking institutions. Mr. Dimon said J.P. 25 billion loan, that was made as part of the renegotiated deal that raised the price for Bear.

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