WP Engine Staging Environment Overview

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Please notice: If you’re on a Startup, Scale, Growth, or custom dedicated plan, you may have Staging and Development environments obtainable to use instead. Learn the way Staging and Development environments work on these plans. One of the advantages of WordPress hosting by way of WP Engine is the ability to arrange a 1-click staging site from your WordPress Admin Dashboard. A 1-click staging site is an independent clone of your live production site that can be simply created to test plugins, themes, and customized code.

You too can copy the 1-click staging site again to the live site at any time after making adjustments. Each WordPress set up at WP Engine can have its own staging site. Only the present year’s /uploads and /blogs.dir directories are copied. However, our system will look on the reside site to search out a picture if the staging site doesn’t have a selected image copied over.

There are some plugins that should not be used in the staging space. For instance, plugins with automation round tweeting or posting are usually not supreme to make use of in staging. URL to that customized area on the Domains web page in User Portal. It will guarantee the correct area is used when copying from 1-Click Staging to your dwell webpage.

Plugins that may have points in the staging area are typically connected to third-social gathering services or validate licenses via their area. It’s also possible to contact the creator of your plugins for extra info. 2. Click on the WP Engine emblem on the side bar situated at the top left nook. Your site will now be copied to the staging area and a inexperienced field will pop-up displaying the status of the task.

Please word that the duration of this process will depend upon the size of your site. The larger the location, the longer it’s going to take to repeat. When your reside site has been copied into the 1-click on staging atmosphere, you can be given a hyperlink to entry it. If you already have a staging area, clicking the “Copy site from Live to STAGING” button will overwrite it.

Please be very cautious when copying to staging. All current customers and person meta info will likely be copied from dwell to staging and all web site users can log into the staging site with the same credentials used within the live site. The 1-click staging space isn’t indexed by search engines like google. The robots.txt file is ready to “disallow all” consumer-agents (bots) for the 1-click staging area.

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You’ll be able to access to the staging site database in the same approach that you just access the live site’s database. Within the User Portal, click on phpMyAdmin for the correct atmosphere. “. This is your staging database. ” is the database for the live site. Any modifications you make to this database will have an effect on the live site. Please learn Accessing your database for added data on accessing your database.

To entry your staging site’s information via SFTP, learn How Do I Add a new SFTP Account. When creating the brand new SFTP account, you should definitely set the “Environment” to “Staging.” If you are on a Startup, Growth, or Scale plan, this may be labeled as “Legacy Staging” for you. Learn more about how the staging environments on these accounts differ.

You may also edit any present SFTP user’s settings and change the “Environment” to “Staging” (or “Legacy Staging” if on a Startup, Growth, or Scale plan). For additional information on logging in by way of SFTP, please see Accessing SFTP. If you’ve made modifications to the staging site and wish to push those modifications to the stay site, you may do so with the clicking of some buttons.