Makeup On White Coat Collar?

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Makeup on white layer collar? I simply bought a new winter coat and the nylon white collar rubs against my face. I wear mineral foundation and it offers stained my collar. I want to keep this layer looking nice. How do i get this make-up stain from the collar and will there be something I can apply on the collar to keep the makeup from it? Makeup on white coat collar? Hairspray.. Spray it on the spot and then use just a little soap and scrub it in circular movements.. If that doesn’t work. There is that bleach pen you can get so that it shall only treat that spot.

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The first, and most important part of an aging skincare program, is to purify daily. Look for a gentle cleanser that is effective with your skin and skin type, and stay with it. It’s not healthy to continuously change the cleansers that you use on your face. Make sure to remove your make-up with a soap or cream that’s formulated for make-up removal. A lot of women simply use body-bar soaps, and the ones will clean off your make-up, but they’ll also dry your skin. Each day You should cleanse, so make sure that the cleanser you purchase is formulated for daily use. Another part of skin care, is exfoliation, that ought to be done every week.

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