19 Things To Watch On Netflix When You Feel Anxious

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People who suffer from anxiety deal with it in many different ways. At the end of the day, it certainly all depends upon what’s relaxing for you. So, if you’re looking to escape your anxiety and films and television make you nervous, this list of the 19 best what to watch on Netflix when you feel anxious is not for you. Change now for fear of triggering an entertainment-induced panic attack back again.

Now, for anybody who find no better way to escape anxiety than disappear in a good movie or television show for a few hours (or a 24-hour marathon program – no judgements), you’ve come to the right place. Just like there are some who don’t like watching television or films when they’re anxious, different people respond to different entertainment when pressured. Some like the familiar warmth of a classic Disney animated film, others prefer to enter into the world of fantasy and get as a long way away from real life as they can.

No matter what you prefer, Netflix all has it, which makes it the perfect first stop for when you begin to feel stress and anxiety creeping in. Granted, it’s 2017, the year of stress and anxiety aka, and it’s really impossible to be on Netflix 24/7. But, hey, we can try. The tragically short-lived musical humor/fairytale parody show Galavant is so charming and ridiculous, viewing it can only joy and melt away nervousness. The show only lasted 18 episodes, but those certainly pack laughs to truly get you through even your roughest weeks enough. A vintage from begin to finish, Miss Congeniality is a great anti-anxiety movie.

It’s just impossible to feel anxious watching Sandra Bullock hilariously save a group of beauty queens while also embracing female power. Planet Earth can be just as stressful as true to life – watching animals chase after one another and combat to the death is definitely not an nervousness dampener – but it is also oddly relaxing.

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Oh, Riverdale. The CW’s latest strike is teenage escapism at its finest. Disappear for 13 hours to binge the first season, and you’ll forget about anything apart from the crazy Riverdale theatre. Nothing will make you more thankful for your relatively normal family than spending a couple of hours with the Blossoms and the Coopers. Like Galavant, Penelope offers a new undertake the fairytale genre, though will significantly less performing and jokes. The movie is approximately a rich, young woman who was simply cursed with the nose of a pig and must find a person who will like her as is to break the spell.

Penelope is focused on adoring yourself and putting yourself out there despite any insecurities. It’s great for anyone who requires a reminder that sometimes, pressing yourself out of your safe place is worth it. Singing, dance, senior high school cliques, Zac Efron – what else could one possibly want from a Disney Channel Original Movie?

High School Musical is focused on the stunning things that can occur when you push yourself into new activities and follow your center. Mel Brooks’ wacky Frankenstein spoof Young Frankenstein will cure all of that ails you. It’s just a scientific reality. Watch Young Frankenstein before bed, and you will drift off with this warm, giddy happiness in your head of massive anxiety instead.

Objectively one of the very most delightful shows on tv, Jane the Virgin isn’t completely escapism, but there’s something very comforting about watching heroes offer with anxieties and life changes comparable to yours. When are you going to have kids? Who narrate the story you will ever have? Among Tom Hanks’ most underrated films of days gone by decade, Larry Crowne is an upbeat romantic humor in regards to a man who goes back to community college to get his degree. Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast has its flaws, but there is no denying the magic of seeing them bring an animated traditional alive.