10 Easy Steps To The Prima Diva Dance Look

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Prima Diva is a vintage dance performance look. With simple instructions you can figure out how to create beautiful eyes just like a pro to pull the audience directly into your dance. Dancers performing on stage make us feel like a right part of the story they may be informing. It is so easy to be captivated by their beautiful faces.

What is it that holds us so spellbound? Dance makeup greatly intensifies a dancers eyes making it effortless for them to pull us in. With just a little path this complicated perfect traditional dancer look could be yours too seemingly! JAM cosmetics calls Prima Diva the classic dance performance makeup look.

The expressive eye are the most crucial part of this look. To start out lets discuss some basic contouring patterns for vision makeup. Using darker vision shadow to produce sizing is exactly what it means to “contour” the optical vision. A couple of three main ways to get this done. These techniques work together or individually you can choose based on the look you want to create.

1. Having a dark, earthy eyes shadow color, pull across the whole lash line gradually fading the shadow as you draw the colour up at night crease for the brow bone. 2. Apply shadow to create a sideways “v” or “c” form with a contour color, on the external third of the eyelid. 3. Use contour eyes shadow color in the crease.

Use of the dance makeup techniques helps the audience to check out the dancers eye. You draw attention to the natural form and dimension of the eye. Doing this helps the dancers are followed by the audiences gaze. Using performance cosmetics to contour the optical eye makes seeing if the dancers eyes are open, closed, or looking at something specifically easier. This look also creates larger, wider almond shaped eyes.

The perfect dance eyes in the Prima Diva look requires several of these contouring techniques. Follow these self-explanatory steps to understand this classic dance makeup look. 1. Start with your foundation. Remember you must BLEND, BLEND, and BLEND! 2. Use your clean to shape your eyebrows. Utilizing a shadow that is clearly a similar in color to your natural eyebrow fill up the brow.

3. Work with a white liner to highlight under the brow collection. 4. Having a light/medium, warm-toned, neutral eye shadow go over the entire eyelid. Neutral/warm earth-toned attention shadows are ideal for stage performances. This performance beauty compliments the dancers eye and epidermis under stage lights even. 5. Create sizing by mixing a deep, wealthy, darkish shadow into the crease of the attention. 6. Line top of the lashes with waterproof black eye liner to produce definition. Within the lash series apply chocolate brown shadow with a small angled brush. Liquid liner under the attention is too untidy, dont take action!

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Lastly use a white pencil to focus on in between the top and lower lash lines. 7. The within of lower lash collection should be highlighted with a white eyesight pencil. Black liner shouldnt be used as it’ll make the eye appear smaller on stage. 8. Your false lashes continue next. Black mascara can be used to coating and bind them.

Using false lash will augment the natural form of your vision. 9. Apply blush, remembering to BLEND! 10. Last line and the fill up the entire lip making use of your lip pencil. Heres a suggestion: apply from the exterior corner to the middle of the lip when coating and filling. Complete the appearance by filling in the lip area with lipstick.