India has history of thousands of years, right from lord Vishnu’s 1st  Avtara to 10th Avtara. Thus Maharashtra has also various places, which are visited by lord Rama, Krishna and Konkan the beautiful region created by Lord Parshuram for himself.

Maharashtra is also called as Saint Bhoomi. The great Dnyaneshwar, Tukaram, Saibaba and many more who leaved in Maharashtra. Pandharpur is the small village where Lord Parshurama is standing on a brick, only because of his bhakta. Every year in the month of (Aashadh Marathi month , Jun-July the English month) as a hudge Wari Parampara, where lacks of Pandurang bhakta’s comming by walk from various places to visit Lord Pandurang. Like this, Asthavinayak Yatra.

Shirdi , Shani-Shingapur, Tuljapur, Akkalkot, 5 Jyotirlingas , 3 1/2 Shakti Pith are situated in Maharashtra.